Window shutters aren’t just for outside of your home anymore. They look great inside of your home too- especially in greeting rooms’ offices and dining rooms. In any case, wherever you decide to install Interior Shutters they bring an elegant look and feel that is unmatched by other Window Covering products. They can be adjusted, opened/closed or tilted with hidden or traditional tilt rods making it easy to protect your privacy and control the light direction.

If you’re not sure if Interior Window Shutters are the best option for you it is important to note the benefits and down sides that accompany them:

Window Shutters Benefits

Interior window shutters are such a desired and timeless addition to any home, you can consider them a very sound investment. Because they are a permanent fixture they can help increase the potential price of your property and give your a home a higher perceived value than that of your neighbors. They offer fantastic light control and UV protection. Interior Window Shutters are very easy to operate and direct harmful sunlight away from unwanted areas under your windows. Interior Window Shutters are arguably the most aesthetically pleasing product of all the Window Coverings; they offer a very elegant feel that many products cannot match.

Window Shutters Downsides

Though they appear to be low maintenance, Window Shutters in Southern Utah are not. We live in a very dusty and sometimes windy climate. Shutters (especially the darker stains and paints) need to be dusted off very frequently in St George Utah to maintain that crisp and clean look they are known for. Many homes in Southern Utah have large picture windows that face stunning landscapes and views. Shutters, like slatted blinds, are not the best option for preserving views. More often than not they distract from these wonderful vistas. Interior Window shutters are often more than double the cost of traditional Window Coverings like blinds and shades.

So depending on a your budget, how much you like dusting and what kind of views your windows have, interior window shutters may or may not be the best option for your home.

Whatever your Window Covering questions may be, we at Window Expressions would love to answer them in person! By filling out the Free In-Home consultation form we can meet you at your home from one of our Southern Utah locations in either Cedar City or St. George very soon!