Window Coverings encompass a huge variety of products. Window Blinds are just a small segment of Window Coverings. Window blinds are often referred to as Venetian Blinds or Persian Blinds. Typically a window blind is made of long horizontal slats, they are usually made of wood, metal , MDF or PVC. These slats are held together with nylon cord strung into shelves called “ladders” with a single nylon string running through the slats to give the operator the ability to raise or lower the Window Blind. Window Blinds have the ability to tilt the slats open or closed, this can be done one of three ways, you can have a wand tilting mechanism, a cord tilting mechanism (recommended), or you can even motorize the tilt.

The two overall product types of Window Blinds are “cut to fit” or “custom.” Cut to fit window blinds are manufactured in set sizes then cut to fit in any given window seal. Once installed, cut to fit window blinds typically have anywhere from 2-10 extra slats that stack at the bottom of the window. Custom window blinds are made precisely to the measurements of your window seal and typically only have 0-1 extra slat at the bottom rail of the window blind.

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