Most likely, though for any replacement parts it is best if you can have your order number handy and give us a call at 435-680-2308.

The Installation is free and part of our services to you. Sit back and relax while we do the work.

Yes. We can repair most blinds, even if you didn’t purchase them from us.

Yes. All of our products have a limited lifetime guarantee, which varies by product. Proper installation and adjustments are key factors when it comes to warranty, which is another reason why we provide free installation on our products.

There are so many variables that come into play with this. One product on a 4×4 window might cost $100.00 while another fabric and product on the same window would cost $600.00. A typical rule of thumb, though not always accurate is you should budget at least 1% of the value of your home for window coverings. Example: $250,000 home should budget $2,500. You could spend ½ that or 10 times that amount, there ARE that many options! Let us come to your home for a FREE estimate and show you all of the incredible window treatments available today.

Call us for a FREE in home Design Consultation. One of our Design Consultants will help you pick the perfect product for your home and needs and give you a price right there in your home! Or you can e-mail us your floor plans or rough measurements at winxprs@gmail.com and we can respond with a price quote.

We offer solutions for all shaped windows from arches or circles to specialty shapes.

There are so many choices when it comes to picking a window covering, and that is exactly what we are here for. One of our expert design consultants will help you select the very best treatment for your home.

Yes, most window coverings provide some amount of energy savings when closed/lowered, some more than others. We recommend Honeycomb/Cellular Shades. These have the highest insulation factor rating of any of our products.
The hexagon-shaped cells on these shades trap air and create an extra layer of insulation which help keep rooms warm on a cold winter day or cool during a hot southern Utah summer.

The in-home design consultation is FREE. There is no Cost for one of our Design Consultants to come out to your home, give you advice and show you samples and give you an estimate.

Since window coverings are for your home we figure the best place to bring them is your home, please let us bring the showroom to you!

Yes. With the huge variety of products that we carry you can get blinds, shades and even shutters for virtually any window. Though not every treatment is available for every window.

Generally, they last 10-10 years, but depending on the product some last even longer. Actual lifespan depends on exposure to heat, sunlight and if they are well maintained. Every product we carry is backed by the absolute best warranty in the market and are designed to withstand wear and tear with as little maintenance as possible.

Typically 10-14 days for blinds and shades and 3-6 weeks for shutters(depending on which style of shutter you choose some come closer to three weeks while others closer to six weeks).

Not necessarily, not all window coverings need to be hard-wired. Battery and wireless operation (using radio frequency) are also available and are ever growing in popularity over hard-wired shades.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up or TDBU means that the particular window covering can be controlled from either the top-moving down. Or the Bottom-moving up. Allowing you to have optimum privacy and light control at the same time. They are especially useful on bedrooms and bathrooms

An outside mount blind refers to mounting it on your wall above a window sill so that the blind or shade covers the window frame. While an inside mount refers to mounting the shade inside of your window frame, typically flush with your wall.